Practice Billing Policy / Information

This practice is a private/cash practice and we do not have contracts with any medical aid. The fees charged at this practice are private rates as there are no universal “Medical Aid Rate” or “Reference Price List” fee that Specialists are required to charge. Patients are personally responsible for professional services rendered. Our treatment is based on the patient’s specific needs and not on their medical aid coverage. We strongly advise patients to understand their Medical Scheme coverage. We treat patients, not Medical Aids.

First and follow up consultation fees must be settled at the beginning of the consultation and are the responsibility of the patient.

For your convenience we accept cash, credit and debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Maestro). Electronic payments can be made on the premises or from home the day before treatment. The practice does not submit any claims to medical aid funds. This will remain the responsibility of the patient. Patients will be supplied with quotations for procedures needed and are required to sign acceptance of the cost estimate before any procedures will be considered or booked. For elective procedures 50% of the cost needs to be paid to book a theatre date and the balance must be settled the day before surgery. Failure in doing so will lead to cancellation of the procedure.

It is important that you understand and consent to both the treatment plan and the estimated cost of treatment. It is your right to accept or decline our recommended treatment plan. If you reject or delay recommended treatment, you do so at your own risk. If clinical conditions require change in treatment, details and costs will be provided before proceeding.

The final treatment plan and costs may differ from the proposed treatment plan, as every treatment is determined by the clinical circumstance. This will however be discussed with the patient. Upon acceptance of the quotation patients will be issued with a detailed invoice which they can submit themselves to their medical aid for reimbursement. Patients are encouraged to submit cost estimates to their schemes before proceeding with treatment so that they may budget accordingly. Patients are responsible to obtain authorization for hospitalization for theatre procedures. Once obtained, authorization numbers to be provided to the practice as soon as possible.

Medical aid cover is a contract between the patient and the medical scheme and NOT between the doctor and medical scheme. All medical schemes have different conditions, limits and benefits levels. We do not accept any responsibility for patient’s medical scheme coverage and patients remain fully responsible for payment of all accounts. 

Please consult your own Medical Scheme to determine their reimbursement policies for surgical services.

We are open to discussion about treatment plans and the payment thereof. Payment plans can be arranged for extensive cases. Feel free to enquire.